Middle School Science

Pen Pal Schools Project

For the month of February, our middle school students embarked upon a global project with students from around the world through the website Pen Pal Schools. They chose to participate in one of two science projects:

  1. Predict Evolution Project Description:

Choose a plant or animal and predict how it might evolve over the next 10,000 years! First, identify a plant or animal in your community. Identify its scientific name and learn about its class and family. Next, predict the future of your community. How will your community change over the next 10,000 years? Will the human population grow or shrink? Will the physical environment change? Will the climate change or stay the same? What other plant or animal populations might grow or shrink? Last, predict what physical features and behaviors your plant or animal will need to survive. Make a cause-effect list to track the different ways your organism will evolve as a result of changes to the environment. Make a drawing of what your plant or animal might look like in 500, 1,000, and 10,000 years from today.

  1. Protect an Endangered Species Project Description:

There are now over 40,000 endangered species in the world. Identify a species of plant or animal in your community that is endangered. Next, research what caused the plant or animal to become endangered. Finally, create a plan to help! Ask your PenPals about endangered specific in their communities to learn about additional ways that people help vulnerable species. Write a report, create a slideshow, or produce a video to share what you learn.

Below are three outstanding examples of student work. All throughout the project process, students engaged online with students from countries around the country and the world including the states of Kentucky, California, and Florida and the countries of Pakistan, India, Myanmar and more. Enjoy browsing our work!

The Endangered Lake Sturgeon By: Natalee Kneeland